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Albuquerque Little Theatre
February 4- April 15th

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THEATER DANCE (ages 9-12) Meet every Tuesday from 4:00pm-5:00pm

with Dejah Padon

Participants will learn a compilation of different theatrical dance styles, prop choreography, and how to enhance performance skills. Class will include a warm-up followed by across the floor and a number that we will be working on for the showcase.

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By entering the Albuquerque Little Theatre, the Education and Youth Program studio space or by participating in ALT or ALT Education and Youth Program event, all individuals, including staff, contractors, performers, auditionees, volunteers and patrons voluntarily assume all risks related to possible exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses or illnesses and agree to follow all listed protocols.

All participants must be up-to date with their Covid vaccinations and wear masks

All Classes will Showcase on SATURDAY April 15th at 1:00pm at Albuquerque Little Theatre.

All Classes and Showcases will be at the Albuquerque Little Theatre

10% Sibling Discount for 2 or more campers

*Space is limited*
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One Student - $150.00
Two or more Students - $135.00